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Personal Training

Training with Cutting Edge Fitness | Edmonton AB

Experience one-on-one personal training sessions either in the gym or the privacy of the Personal Training Studio.  Brandi will expand your exercise vocabulary and teach you how to perform each movement to achieve optimal results.

This option is the best choice for beginners looking for a watchful eye, or advanced trainees wanting to be pushed beyond what they are capable of doing alone.

Training Package Features

Personal Training Individual Assessment
Change Your Life | Cutting Edge Fitness | Edmonton AB

A client needs analysis is part of the Personal Training package. This will help determine your current fitness level so that an appropriate program can be developed based on your personal needs.

Personal Training Customized Nutrition Plan
Change Your Life | Cutting Edge Fitness | Edmonton AB

Take the guesswork out of dieting and optimize your results with a diet program designed specifically for you, your needs, and your goals in mind. Whether you are looking to lose weight, gain muscle, improve performance or peak for an athletic event a proper diet is fundamental to your success. Brandi will show you what to eat in what proportion’s in order to achieve the best results. The Nutrition Plan is designed around your current needs state which is initially determined by the Individual Assessment, and then adjusted accordingly as your body adapts and changes.

Personal Training Dynamic Workout Program
Change Your Life | Cutting Edge Fitness | Edmonton AB

Work one-on-one with Brandi to improve form, technique, and be motivated beyond your comfort zone for optimal results. All workouts will be logged, and you will be shown what to do for each coming week. Some things you will be required to do on your own time, which you will log for accountability inspections. The Workout Program is designed to work together with the Nutrition Program and will be monitored and adjusted as your fitness level improves.

Personal Training Bonus Offer
  • A Cutting Edge Fitness Training Journal
  • A Cutting Edge Fitness T-Shirt
  • 2 FREE sessions to help you on your fitness journey!

Personal Training Packages

Individual Rates

1 Session: $65
12 Sessions: $60/session
24 Sessions: $55/session
35 Sessions: $50/session

2+ People Rates

1 Session: $55
12 Sessions: $50/session
24 Sessions: $45/session
36 Sessions: $40/session

*Rates are per person

*Payment plans available

Change Your Life | Cutting Edge Fitness | Edmonton AB

It is my first time having a personal trainer. Brandi is motivating, energetic, and fun.


I feel fit and have more energy than ever thanks to Brandi!


With the Cutting Edge Program, my diet and exercise are customized to my needs. It takes the guess work out of all of it.

Josh G

I lost a total of 46 lbs and reached my goal of standing on stage as a figure competitor placing 3rd in my first competition.

Chantal D

Brandi helped me gain the confidence both working out in the gym and outside of the gym to achieve my fitness goals.

Christina S

Brandi will help you achieve any fitness goal ... and she'll joke around with you while doing it!

Christina S

Brandi is super knowledgeable about what muscle groups to work together to get the best results.

Elena P

Brandi helped me lose 30 pounds!

Vicky V

Brandi helped me build my confidence. I'm delighted with the results I had from working with her.

Vicky V