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Contest Prep

Training with Cutting Edge Fitness | Edmonton AB

Cutting Edge Fitness offers completely customized and individualized training programs for Bodybuilding, Fitness, Figure, and Bikini Model competitors. You will experience state of the art training using modern Cutting Edge techniques to present the look you want.

Training Package Features

Contest Prep Customized Diet Program
Change Your Life | Cutting Edge Fitness | Edmonton AB

Shed fat while retaining the maximum amount of muscle. Learn how to use foods to manipulate the look of your physique and achieve your desired level of conditioning, hardness, fullness, and vascularity.

Contest Prep Customized Workout Program
Change Your Life | Cutting Edge Fitness | Edmonton AB

Brandi will help you build and sculpt the body you want with tailored exercise programs designed to work in synergy with the the Customized Diet Program.

Contest Prep Posing Instruction
Change Your Life | Cutting Edge Fitness | Edmonton AB

The Contest Prep Package includes the option of working with Brandi for up to 1 hour each week on your posing. The judges can not judge what they can’t see, and quality posing can often mean the difference between first and second place. Don’t let all your hard work go to waste over some minor details, make sure you present the “total package” on stage with polished posing.

Contest Prep Ongoing Monitoring
Change Your Life | Cutting Edge Fitness | Edmonton AB

Keep your physique under a watchful eye and avoid plateaus with ongoing adjustments to the Diet and Workout programs. Cutting Edge Fitness is one of the only Contest Prep services that require you to keep detailed training journals. This inspires accountability and eliminates guess work by allowing all adjustments and decisions to be based on science using the patterns of symptoms. All adjustments are discussed and mutually agreed upon between Coach and Client. You know your body best, Brandi will teach you how to listen and pay attention to what your body is telling you.

Contest Prep Off-Season Programs

While your competition is wasting their time indulging in junk food and the “freedom” of doing whatever they want, your discipline will pay off in the long term with a structured off-season program designed with your next show in mind. Avoid rebounds, keep your results longer, gain muscle faster. Contact Brandi to discuss your goals.

Contest Prep Packages

Contest Rates

A - 20 weeks or less: $800
B - 20 weeks +: $100 month ($200 initial fee)

Posing Sessions only: Contact Brandi for rates.

Change Your Life | Cutting Edge Fitness | Edmonton AB

It is my first time having a personal trainer. Brandi is motivating, energetic, and fun.


I feel fit and have more energy than ever thanks to Brandi!


With the Cutting Edge Program, my diet and exercise are customized to my needs. It takes the guess work out of all of it.

Josh G

I lost a total of 46 lbs and reached my goal of standing on stage as a figure competitor placing 3rd in my first competition.

Chantal D

Brandi helped me gain the confidence both working out in the gym and outside of the gym to achieve my fitness goals.

Christina S

Brandi will help you achieve any fitness goal ... and she'll joke around with you while doing it!

Christina S

Brandi is super knowledgeable about what muscle groups to work together to get the best results.

Elena P

Brandi helped me lose 30 pounds!

Vicky V

Brandi helped me build my confidence. I'm delighted with the results I had from working with her.

Vicky V