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The underbelly of competition

by Brandi



Competition Strategy

by Brandi

I had the pleasure of volunteering for the CBBF Bodybuilding and Physique Nationals that were in Edmonton this weekend, and as usual there were many triumphs and heart breaks. There will always be some who question the judging but from where I was, (very up close and personal) I supported most if not all of the decisions made. Something to take into consideration when trying to peak for an event is what the current trends are. Using techniques and strategies that worked 5 or 10 years ago is not going to serve you today because the sport has changed, and it keeps evolving.


The Month of Chris

by Brandi

Well June was the month of Chris with 2 Chris's making a splash. Chris Hodson took 2nd place in his first show ever - the IDFA Calgary classic. The first time doing a contest diet is hard for anyone but Chris always had a positive attitude and gave it 110% Congrats buddy!


Contest Season 2012

by Brandi

First, my apologies for the long duration between blogs. As some of you already know, I am back in school again working on my BSc in Computing and Information Systems. With this it is my hope to expand on my client services and be able to make this website much more interactive. Please be patient with me while I learn the ropes, there are some big plans for the future of Cutting Edge Fitness. I welcome feedback from you, as to where you would like to see this website go, and how I can help you with your training using this medium.


2011 Provincials

by Brandi

The June shows are now over and I would like to thank everyone who came out and donated their time, and experience to volunteer for these events. It is a long day for everyone involved but most of all the Judges and the backstage staff who do not get breaks. The ABBA runs entirely from a volunteer pool, so I cannot say enough about all the great people involved who make these events possible.


2011 Northerns

by Brandi

Huge congrats to Cutting Edge Fitness Athlete Chris Norman for his awesome presentation and his 2nd place finish in his very first show. It was a close decision and a very competitive class. Chris brought fantastic conditioning and symmetry, and peaked perfectly for the event.
Chris NormanChris Norman 03


How to create a Body Building Posing Routine

by Brandi

In this blog segment we are going to go over how to create a posing routine for Body Building competitions.


POSEDOWN #8 - The Quarter Turns

by Brandi

In the final installment of POSEDOWN – how to perform the bodybuilding mandatory poses, we are going to take a look at the Quarter Turns.

The Quarter Turns consist of a series of 4 poses; the front relaxed pose, the rear relaxed pose, and 2 side poses (left and right). Bodybuilding Quarter Turns are not the same as Figure Quarter Turns, and the Men’s Quarter Turns are not the same as the Women’s Quarter Turns. First let’s take a look at how the men do it:

Below is a line up of some of the best Professional Bodybuilders in the world:


POSEDOWN #7 - The most Muscular Pose!

by Brandi

The Most Muscular pose is only mandatory for the male bodybuilders to perform so the examples used here will be featuring men. Female bodybuilders can use this pose during posing routines or introductions but it is not mandatory and will not be judged in any of the rounds.


POSEDOWN #6 - Back Double Bicep Pose!

by Brandi

Hello everyone and welcome to the 6th Cutting Edge Fitness Blog instalment called POSEDOWN featuring how to perform the bodybuilding mandatory poses. In this edition we are going to take a look at the Back Double-Biceps pose.

First, as always, we will begin with the feet.  Position the feet exactly as you would for a rear lat pose. I have included a diagram below:

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