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POSEDOWN #7 - The most Muscular Pose!

by Brandi

The Most Muscular pose is only mandatory for the male bodybuilders to perform so the examples used here will be featuring men. Female bodybuilders can use this pose during posing routines or introductions but it is not mandatory and will not be judged in any of the rounds.

There are 3 different types of Most Muscular poses you can choose from. I recommend trying each of them out to see which one is the most flattering to your individual physique. As indicated in the name, the purpose of these poses is to demonstrate overall muscularity, so this is something to keep in mind when deciding which pose is the best for you.

The first pose is often referred to as “the crab” pose.  The Crab is the most popular version of the Most Muscular pose. Below is an example of the Crab performed by 2 of the best bodybuilders of all time; 8X Mr. Olympia winner Ronnie Coleman, and 4X Mr. Olympia winner Jay cutler, doing battle against each other for the ultimate title.

With the Crab Most Muscular, you want one foot in front of you slightly. The Leg that is in the back will support most of your weight. Like in all other situations, you want your knees pointed out slightly in order to bring out the best quad sweep you can. Both legs need to be flexed hard and showing as much definition as possible. Many will choose to spike the toe of the foot in front to show the details in their calf. If you do spike your toe, just remember to keep flexing your quads, you do not want to lose definition in the larger muscle groups in order to show the minor details.

You then lean forward and pop your traps. Not everyone can pop their traps which is why there are alternative most muscular poses.  If you are unable to do this, don’t worry about it. Flex everything; your shoulders, traps, chest, biceps, abs, legs, all of it. One thing to be aware of with this pose is try not to hide your body with your arms. Your hands should never come so close together that they cross, Jay’s example above would be the closest you ever want your hands together, ideally they should be a bit open so that you can still see the body like Ronnie’s. Remember that the judges can’t judge what they can’t see so if you cover yourself up there is a possibility of being penalized.

The second variation of the Most Muscular pose is where you stand up straight and grab your fist or your wrist. Below is an example of one of my personal all time favorite bodybuilders, Kevin Levrone. Unfortunately we cannot see below the knees in this picture, but he is standing in a relaxed pose position with his feet shoulder width apart and knees pointed outward (as you can see by his knees and quad sweep). Kevin is grabbing his wrist in this example but you can also grab the ball of your fist, whatever feels more comfortable. The idea here is to use the other hand as leverage and squish the 2 arms together while flexing everything. If you are coordinated enough, you could potentially squish the chest together, while simultaneously pulling the arms apart creating a multi-directional isometric contraction. Play with this a bit, press together, pull apart, and see which method looks the best on you. There is no right or wrong way to look your best. While you are doing all of this, always remember to flex your legs, the upper body is only half of the physique.

The final Most Muscular variation is the hands-on-the-hips pose. Below is an example of Mr. Kai Greene performing a sub variation of this pose. Normally the hands-on-the-hips pose is done in a parallel stance. Mr. Greene has added some flair by placing one leg forward. I personally really enjoyed this variation, I feel it stands out especially if you have amazing legs that you want to display. With this pose the rules are simple, you use your body as leverage to push against and perform an isometric contraction. Roll your shoulders forward, squish your chest together, and push your hands into your hips. Flex everything.

This concludes this weeks posing lesson. Please tune in again for the conclusion to the Mandatory Poses series - the Body Building Quarter Turns.

All questions and comments are welcome. There is a feedback form below or you are welcome to email me. I can see that the member list has exploded, and I thank you all for being a part of this fantastic journey. Please do not be afraid to participate in discussion.