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POSEDOWN #6 - Back Double Bicep Pose!

by Brandi

Hello everyone and welcome to the 6th Cutting Edge Fitness Blog instalment called POSEDOWN featuring how to perform the bodybuilding mandatory poses. In this edition we are going to take a look at the Back Double-Biceps pose.

First, as always, we will begin with the feet.  Position the feet exactly as you would for a rear lat pose. I have included a diagram below:

The feet can be the other way too, depending on whether you are stronger with your left or right side, but the general positioning remains the same. Make sure your rear foot is pointed outwards at approximately 25 degree angle, and that your knee follows in the same direction. This will allow your quad sweep to be visible from the back, and your whole lower body will appear much bigger.

Once the lower body is in place, it is easy to follow with the upper body. Simply strike a biceps pose, and make sure to rotate your hands to the back as far as they can go. Lean back slightly – only slightly, while sticking out and flexing your glutes.

In all poses, particularly for the females, it is important to smile, the rear facing poses are an opportunity to relax your face a little bit. Having said that, sometimes if you turn your head to one side in this particular pose, it can create a very classy look. Experiment and see what works the best for you. Below are pictures of male and female bodybuilders who are amazing athletes and really great posers. The first is Kai Greene, I use him as an example a lot, and the reigning Ms. Olympia, Iris Kyle. Notice how the rear knee is pointed out, and even the front knee a little too. They are sticking their butts out, and leaning back.

Stay tuned for next time... when we will look at the MOST MUSCULAR pose!!!