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How to create a Body Building Posing Routine

by Brandi

In this blog segment we are going to go over how to create a posing routine for Body Building competitions.

The first step is to pick your music. You want to choose something that will really inspire you and draw some emotion. The general rule is, if you are bored then the judges and the audience will be bored too. When you are making your music selection be sure that it is family friendly and does not contain any profanity. If it does contain profanity, the DJ may stop the music and play something else that you are not prepared to pose to. Poor taste in music is considered disrespectful to the organization, judges and promoters. Check with your organization as to the time limits of the music and have it edited for time. The DJ will just put the disk in and press play so it should already be set up the way you want it. After the time limit (usually 60 seconds) regardless of whether or not you are finished the music will stop, and you are expected to be finished posing.

The second step is to choose 5-7 main poses that you want in your routine. Choose poses that will compliment your physique and highlight your strengths. Everyone will already see the mandatory poses so try to have at least a few poses that are really creative and different.

The third step is to select the sequencing of these poses and place them within the music. Once you have decided where in the music you want to hit each pose, you can begin to fill the rest in with transition movements or other poses that are more brief. Try to stay away from poses or transitions that feel awkward or uncomfortable to perform. If they feel uncomfortable, they will probably look uncomfortable and the whole routine will seem a little less polished. Choose movements and poses that you feel confident performing.

Lastly, practice, practice, practice. By the time you step on stage your posing routine should feel like second nature. Ideally, when you get up there you should be able to just go into automatic pilot and enjoy the experience instead of concentrating too hard on what you should be doing next. And remember to SMILE!

See you on stage!




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