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Fat Rules

by Brandi

Fat is an important dietary component as it is responsible for producing many of your body’s hormones. Fat is known as “Brain Fuel” as your brain is mostly made of Fat coated neurons.  Fat is essential to a healthy diet, and even a high performance diet, but you really need to know what your doing in order to be able to introduce fat and still maintain a good aesthetic appearance.

A basic rule to dieting, particularly if you are trying to lose weight or keep your body fat low, is do not mix fats with Carbohydrates, especially if you are eating simple Carbohydrates or a  high volume of complex Carbohydrates. Neither one of these nutrients are “evil” they just don’t work well when mixed together in the same meal. The reason for this is that they are both energy sources, and if eaten in excess, they will both be stored as fat. Your body uses glucose as fuel, Carbohydrates are broken down into glucose very easily so it is the "preffered fuel source". But Fat takes much more work to turn into glucose, so if eaten together, your body will most often ignore the fuel in fat and use the Carbohydrates instead because its much easier to process. Also, eating Carbohydrates triggers a release of insulin which is a storage hormone. Insulin shuttles Carbohydrates and Fat from your blood stream into cell tissues. Carbohydrates get stored mostly in the liver first, and any excess will go to muscle tissues second and after that what’s left get broken down into triglycerides and stored as fat. It takes some work for your body to turn Carbohydrates into Fat, and this is after it is either burned off or stored in the tissues first. But Fat is already fat, the breakdown is minimal so the fat will get stored right away into the fat cells when it is not used as fuel and this process can happen very rapidly when there is an insulin spike generated from glucose in the blood stream. If you want to add more fat to your diet, try to space it out away from the Carbohydrates, or try not to eat a high volume Carbohydrates, or simple Carbohydrates with your Fat meal as to avoid generating a large insulin spike. This will help keep your body composition levels in a more desirable range.

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